From November 2017 your Parish Councillors are:

Mr C Jones            
          34 Tungate Way,  Horstead    NR12 7EN

Vice- Chairman
Mrs K Lawrance              Mancroft, Church Close, Horstead, NR12 7ET

Mr B D Benton                  Beverley, Norwich Road, Horstead NR12 7EH
Mr M B Blackburn            Sunnycroft, 24 Rectory Road, Horstead, NR12 7EP
Mrs C M Fleming              Horstead House, Mill Road, Horstead NR12 7AU
Mrs M Gurney                   Heggatt Hall, Horstead, NR12 7AY
Mr R Jennings                 11 St Margarets Close, Horstead, NR12 7ER
Mrs D M Williams            5 Robert Norgate Close NR12 7BT
Ms Liz Wishart                   6 Havergate, Horstead, NR12 7EJ

The Parish Council is a corporate body and being a small council, does not formally allocate specific roles to specific councillors. All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk:

Suzanne Hall                   112 Norwich Road, Horstead, NR12 7EQ. Tel 07476 952824 or via email